Monday, 14 November 2011

Kroniz can't swim

13 Nov: The fine sunday afternoon turns into a heavy rainfall in a game with Aqua Fc. Aqua fc or Water Works Department played a fast as  lighting football. Their wingers were fast and kroniz defenders try to hold out with all their might. The heavy rainfall midway in the game gave the advantages to the aqua men as they seem to be at home with water as they swam on the pitch hehe. Two lighting fast attacked produced two goals for Aqua fc. In the first minutes kroniz defenders were caught by surprised at the speed of Aqua players swimming past kroniz defenders and the second an own goal by Kroniz defenders in a desperate attempt to cleared the ball. Kroniz try to keep afloat but they just can't swim, waves and waves of attacked were repelled either by the keeper or the woodwork. As the tide are against kroniz, they drowned at kebajikan field with the scoreline of 0-2.  

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SOAS FC said...

Haha...1st OG of season 2011