Thursday, 30 September 2010

Kroniz vs Laksamana College

It was the first game for the oranges after the weight-gaining festivity of Hari Raya. Before the game started, Kroniz players greeted each other with greetings of Hari Raya. With the referee arriving late, Kroniz players were concern not about how many goals would be scored by the opponent but whether there were enough time to warm themselves up.

With the first blow of the whistle, the Laksamana boys were the energetic ones, obviously due to their age, youth and vigour. They rushed to get the ball but surprisingly Kroniz managed to subdue their passing and play. Kroniz had more chances in front of goal but opted not to score but to display prowess.

With one attack, Laksamana college score a goal to stake their claim as the better team but KroniZ showed why age is not a factor by scoring and equalising seconds after the restart with Nasrin.

the second half again proved to be Kroniz game leading the admirals 2-1, this time Dodoi manage to put the ball in the net. But after making changes to the team, KroniZ gave away two easy goals for the opponent to lead the game...

Final score : Kroniz FC 2 - 3 Laksamana College