Monday, 18 July 2011

Worst fear confirmed

16th Julai: Kroniz's worst fear  was confirmed after they threw away twice leading goal against R11, to ensured their own survival battle. 
Kroniz's needed a victory at the PTE katok to stand any chance survival for the long run. 
R11 stormed back after the break winning the game 3-2 and sending the Kroniz winless in four games.
Currently feeling rock-bottom Kroniz, must face up to the reality of life in the keeping the team together in the long run. For the second game in a row only eight players turned up and have to import three players.
Kroniz broke forward early on and after receiving Bob's pass, a makeshift kroniz import player fired a deflected shot towards goal to lead 1-0. 
However, R11 pressurized kroniz defences  R11 striker  turned in the box and blasted into kroniz's goal.
The first half ended 1-1. Rosli has to leave the game and Pg Eddy took the responsibility as the keeper in the second half.
In the second half, Kroniz had shown little going forward, but a minute later they took the lead again after R11 failed to deal with a corner.
In the ensuing scramble, Yazid's shot producing a strike that R11 keeper unable to gathered.
Six minutes after the goal, R11 player then drove one across goal and at the other a player tap it in to pull themselves back into the match.
The equaliser set up a frantic finale, with both sides desperately seeking a winning goal.
R11 defender prevented Yazid from going clean through with a challenge that Kroniz felt was a penalty, but referee waved play on.
The tired legs of kroniz players proved costly with no subsitution R11 had the final say in the 87th minute, cutting into the box and slipping a shot under Pg Eddy for R11 to win the game 2-3. Scorer Yazid and import.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Eight brave souls

3th Julai: Kroniz eight brave souls  ended the game with pride today as Wasabi Fc signed off from Kebajikan Field with an easy win. Only eight players were available for the game but that didn't stop them from displaying their best against the complete set of Wasabi players. 
The deathly silence was briefly broken as  Yazid scored the only kroniz goal as he passed three defenders and smashed home a beautiful goal for kroniz to lead 1-0.
However Wasabi get their act together and scored three goals before the first half whistle was blown.
In the second half with no replacement and players available kroniz braved the afternoon and did their best to held on. Pg Ariffin was kroniz's star player who played the full game although he retired with 10 minutes to go.  
Kroniz was no match for Wasabi 11s s they scored another two goals.
The final whistle was music to the ears as the tired kroniz players walked out of the field with dignity and pride only to lose 1-5. Scorer Yazid.