Sunday, 30 October 2011

Two win in a row

30 Oct: Katok field today saw another exciting game for kroniz and this time against Pos Fc. Surprisingly today saw another big attendance for kroniz as 21 players were available for the game. The availability of players made it easier for the manager to strategies selection of players. Kroniz drew first blood with Nafi goal before Pos fc level the game. Dodoi struck another goal for kroniz to lead the first half 2-1. In the second half again the whole squad was changed and this added pressured for Pos Fc. Kroniz continued their robust momentum and scored another two goals through Alinordi and Pg Eddy. The game ended with another big win Kroniz Fc 4 Pos Fc 1. Scorer Nafi, Dodoi, Alinordi and Pg Eddy. Let hope the fairy tale continue next week.

Finally a big win

23 Oct: A day to be remembered for kroniz as they ran riot at Kebajikan Field at the expense of MOFAT Fc. The most notable sign of an exciting game as 20 kroniz players was available for the game. In so many months this is the highest attendance for Kroniz. The selection for players was easy to fill the right position. The first half start slowly as MOFAT scored first and kroniz were behind twice and managed to level the game with two goals by Dodoi. It was a balanced game as it ended 2-2 in the firt half. The second half was a different story as kroniz changed the whole squad and put pressured on MOFAT. Kroniz players with fresh legs ran riot and scored four more goal through Hamdan, Adi Iskandar (2) and Alinordi. The game ended with Kroniz 6 MOFAT 2. Scorer Dodoi (2), Adi Iskandar (2) Hamdan and Alinordi.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Time Crisis

16th Oct: Katok Field saw another disappointing display by kroniz. Limited availability of players made matter worse. Three goals by GGSU Fc in the first half ended the game for kroniz. In the second half a glimmer of hope with well taken free kick just outside the box into the top corner by Gnal fail to lift kroniz out of doldrums. There is no way out for kroniz in this game as GGSU added another goal late in the second half. Time crisis indeed for kroniz as the game ended 1- 4 to GGSU Fc. Scorer Gnal.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Destroyed by Jerudong Fc

9 Oct: It was a game of two worlds at Kebajikan Field on a fine sunday afternoon. In preparation for the coming Brunei National league Jerudong FC professional team came down to show their ability and readiness. The young footballers were made their intention clear when they scored eight goals past kroniz seasoned players four in each half. The only consolation was a goal by Nasrin when kroniz were trailing 2-0 for a brief comeback to make it 2-1. After that it was a one sided affair of no return. The game ended with 1-8 to Jerudong Fc.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Losing to a better team

30th September: It was a tough game at kebajikan field against a well organize PBFC team. Kroniz went into the game with determination against a youthful team. Through out the game kroniz match PBFc ball for ball and able to display and energetic game. The first half it was a balance game and ended with 1-1 with Bob equalizing with a low drive. In the second half Kroniz started to display fatigue and were on the defenses most of the time. PBfc took advantage and scored another two goals. not giving up Kroniz push on and managed to scored another goal with some beautiful passing and Bob clinical finishing. The game ended with Kroniz 2 PBfc 3. Scorer Bob (2)