Monday, 16 April 2012

KRONIZ FC Game statistics for 2011

Below are the statistics of matches KRONIZ FC played for the year 2011:

Games Played: 42
Wins : 15
Loss: 22
Draws: 5
Goals Scored : 109
Goals conceded: 119
Goal difference: -10
Goals scored per game: 2.6
Goals conceded per game: 2.8

Top Scorers:
14 - Pg Eddy
13 - Bob
12 - Alinordi, Dodoi
10 - Hamdan
7  - Yazid
6 - Nazrin, Gnal
5 - Aliuddin
4 - Asri
3 - Arch
2 - Aming, Hj Fendi, Metussin, Roslan, Adi Iskandar
1 - Gnoh, Pg Yussof, Ak Nizam, Shahrul, Nafi

Well done team and let's get the scores higher this year.........

Summary of games results

Kroniz FC played a few games after the hiatus due to the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy. The first game was held at the old JKR field on 24 March 2012. The opponent was the BIBD team led by old nemesis but now close friend Shahrin. Being out for the first month, Kroniz players also did not turn out in number except for the familiar faces. The match also saw a surprising yellow card for one Kroniz player. Also the game was competitive despite the age factor, nevertheless Kroniz FC showed why they are still the team to be feared or fared..
Result : Kroniz FC 5- 0 BIBD.

The second game was held on 8th April 2012 at Padang Kebajikan against De Eyes FC. From comments of platers who played, the veterans of Kroniz FC again played and proved how much damage Kroniz FC could do to a prepared or unprepared team.
Result - Kroniz FC 5 - 1 De Eyes FC.

The third game was held on Saturday, 14 April 2012 against Rundello FC at Kebajikan Field. The opponents were alsready warmed up on the field waiting for the slow arrival of Kroniz Fc players but nevertheless, Kroniz FC put up enough players to match the younger team. The game started quick as the younger players showed their prowess and skills which KroniZ players did well to fend and attack as well. Kroniz were led 2-1 in the first half but not all were lost. Amidst the first half being played, Kroniz FC players who arrived after the kickoff grew in size and the shear number provided fresh legs for the team in the second half. The second half was virtually a new team from goalie to defenders to midfielders to strikers and this factor is a remeniscene of the old days at Jerudong Polo Club football fields where almost every game would see almost the whole team replaced in the second half.
Result - Kroniz FC 2 - 2 Rundello FC.

For Kroniz Fc, the team plays total football. A win is always welcomed and a loss is nobody's fault. Kroniz FC from the beginning will play any team, weak or strong, warmed-up or not warmed-up, league or non-league, young or even younger.....

Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Year 2012

A new year and hopefully more games for us playing safely and for fitness and vigour..

A few games had been played since the start of the year with a few pre-warm up matches.

Summary of results will be provided in the next blog...

Kroniz 19