Monday, 19 September 2011

Great win after Raya

18 September: Six weeks after the raya holidays, Kroniz were pitted with Min com Fc at kebajikan field. The determined Kronizian put up a great fight and barely won the game 3-2 without the services of kroniz juniors. The all veterans kroniz players lead 2-0 during the half time with goals from Aming and Nizam. In the second half Min com fc roared back with 2 quick goals that forced kroniz to reorganised their defence. Under pressured throughout the second half, a quick surprise attacked from Kroniz lead to a goal from Sharol. Leading 3-2 Kroniz packed the defence and held on for the rest of the game. Scorer: Aming, Nizam dan Sharol.    

Game update

29 July: Kebajikan Field, Kroniz 3 vs X Kamal Fc 3
              Scorer: Asri 2, Alinordi 1

Game update

22 July: Katok Field, Kroniz 1 vs Dental fc 4
              Scorer: Dodoi