Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hijrah 1433 game ended with a lost

27th Nov: Kroniz played a braved game at Katok field today but ended on the wrong side.  Muara Port came early and had a full squad doing warming up as kroniz players trickle in to the game. The game started with only 10 players available with most first squad players went missing.  Azreen and Rosli organized the defence with precison to denied Muara port any shooting chances. Kroniz managed to put Muara port at bay by packing the defence through out the first half. The first half ended 0-0. The availability of Pyan in the second half completed kroniz players. Kroniz continued to make life difficult for Muara port but the tired legs of kroniz players especially the defence finally gave in. Muara port took advantages of the tired kroniz players to scored three goals late in the game. Although keoniz lost the game but they managed to keep the score respectable with the limited players available.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fine day for football.

20th Nov: It was a fine sunday afternoon to play football at kebajikan field. With no dark clouds in sight gave Kroniz the confidence against Mudboys Fc. The game started slowly as both teams played a calculated game. Although kroniz made a few shots on targets but Mudboys keeper and central defenders played well to denied kroniz any chance. To the surprise of kroniz Mudboys scored the first goal with a shot that baffled everyone. Not to be undermine Kroniz picked up their game keeping the possession  of the ball. The advantage of a corner kick was well taken when Arch managed to head the ball in goal to tied the game 1-1. Mudboys didn't gave up and keep pressuring  kroniz defences and managed to scored another goal. Late in the first half a through ball to Bob and he managed to outrun mudboys central defender to scored another for Kroniz to tied the game 2-2. In the second half kroniz made five changes and with new legs and power kroniz were more determined to win.  Gnoh made a mad rush from the sideline cutting to the centre beating a least three defenders and shooting  hard low drive to scored the third for kroniz.  Leading 3-2 it was one way traffic for kroniz with 75% of ball possession but just couldn't add more goals. The final whistle came and kroniz were happy with the 3-2 win. Scorer: Arch, Bob, Gnoh

Monday, 14 November 2011

Kroniz can't swim

13 Nov: The fine sunday afternoon turns into a heavy rainfall in a game with Aqua Fc. Aqua fc or Water Works Department played a fast as  lighting football. Their wingers were fast and kroniz defenders try to hold out with all their might. The heavy rainfall midway in the game gave the advantages to the aqua men as they seem to be at home with water as they swam on the pitch hehe. Two lighting fast attacked produced two goals for Aqua fc. In the first minutes kroniz defenders were caught by surprised at the speed of Aqua players swimming past kroniz defenders and the second an own goal by Kroniz defenders in a desperate attempt to cleared the ball. Kroniz try to keep afloat but they just can't swim, waves and waves of attacked were repelled either by the keeper or the woodwork. As the tide are against kroniz, they drowned at kebajikan field with the scoreline of 0-2.  

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aidil Adha Game ended with a draw

6 Nov: Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all muslims. It was a hard fought battle for Kroniz Fc to claimed a draw at Katok Field today. Today game saw Kroniz determination not to lose the game. Attendance for today game was to the bare minimal with 12 players came to the game. TBC Fc played a fast and skillful display that caused havoc at Kroniz defenses. Although leading 1 nil with Gnal side footed TBC defense and slot in the goal however TBC came back roaring. They managed to disorganize Kroniz defenses with their fast running and accurate passing to scored three goals in the first half. In the second half Kroniz self reflect their weakness and gave TBC a taste of their own medicine. Gnal again poached a goal on the line after TBC keeper managed to palm away Arch try. That goal gave Kroniz the momentum to surge forward and deservedly scored the equalizing goal by Eddy header from Nizam crossed. The game ended with a deserving 3-3. Scorer Gnal (2) Eddy 1