Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hijrah 1433 game ended with a lost

27th Nov: Kroniz played a braved game at Katok field today but ended on the wrong side.  Muara Port came early and had a full squad doing warming up as kroniz players trickle in to the game. The game started with only 10 players available with most first squad players went missing.  Azreen and Rosli organized the defence with precison to denied Muara port any shooting chances. Kroniz managed to put Muara port at bay by packing the defence through out the first half. The first half ended 0-0. The availability of Pyan in the second half completed kroniz players. Kroniz continued to make life difficult for Muara port but the tired legs of kroniz players especially the defence finally gave in. Muara port took advantages of the tired kroniz players to scored three goals late in the game. Although keoniz lost the game but they managed to keep the score respectable with the limited players available.

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