Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hijrah 1433 game ended with a lost

27th Nov: Kroniz played a braved game at Katok field today but ended on the wrong side.  Muara Port came early and had a full squad doing warming up as kroniz players trickle in to the game. The game started with only 10 players available with most first squad players went missing.  Azreen and Rosli organized the defence with precison to denied Muara port any shooting chances. Kroniz managed to put Muara port at bay by packing the defence through out the first half. The first half ended 0-0. The availability of Pyan in the second half completed kroniz players. Kroniz continued to make life difficult for Muara port but the tired legs of kroniz players especially the defence finally gave in. Muara port took advantages of the tired kroniz players to scored three goals late in the game. Although keoniz lost the game but they managed to keep the score respectable with the limited players available.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fine day for football.

20th Nov: It was a fine sunday afternoon to play football at kebajikan field. With no dark clouds in sight gave Kroniz the confidence against Mudboys Fc. The game started slowly as both teams played a calculated game. Although kroniz made a few shots on targets but Mudboys keeper and central defenders played well to denied kroniz any chance. To the surprise of kroniz Mudboys scored the first goal with a shot that baffled everyone. Not to be undermine Kroniz picked up their game keeping the possession  of the ball. The advantage of a corner kick was well taken when Arch managed to head the ball in goal to tied the game 1-1. Mudboys didn't gave up and keep pressuring  kroniz defences and managed to scored another goal. Late in the first half a through ball to Bob and he managed to outrun mudboys central defender to scored another for Kroniz to tied the game 2-2. In the second half kroniz made five changes and with new legs and power kroniz were more determined to win.  Gnoh made a mad rush from the sideline cutting to the centre beating a least three defenders and shooting  hard low drive to scored the third for kroniz.  Leading 3-2 it was one way traffic for kroniz with 75% of ball possession but just couldn't add more goals. The final whistle came and kroniz were happy with the 3-2 win. Scorer: Arch, Bob, Gnoh

Monday, 14 November 2011

Kroniz can't swim

13 Nov: The fine sunday afternoon turns into a heavy rainfall in a game with Aqua Fc. Aqua fc or Water Works Department played a fast as  lighting football. Their wingers were fast and kroniz defenders try to hold out with all their might. The heavy rainfall midway in the game gave the advantages to the aqua men as they seem to be at home with water as they swam on the pitch hehe. Two lighting fast attacked produced two goals for Aqua fc. In the first minutes kroniz defenders were caught by surprised at the speed of Aqua players swimming past kroniz defenders and the second an own goal by Kroniz defenders in a desperate attempt to cleared the ball. Kroniz try to keep afloat but they just can't swim, waves and waves of attacked were repelled either by the keeper or the woodwork. As the tide are against kroniz, they drowned at kebajikan field with the scoreline of 0-2.  

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Aidil Adha Game ended with a draw

6 Nov: Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all muslims. It was a hard fought battle for Kroniz Fc to claimed a draw at Katok Field today. Today game saw Kroniz determination not to lose the game. Attendance for today game was to the bare minimal with 12 players came to the game. TBC Fc played a fast and skillful display that caused havoc at Kroniz defenses. Although leading 1 nil with Gnal side footed TBC defense and slot in the goal however TBC came back roaring. They managed to disorganize Kroniz defenses with their fast running and accurate passing to scored three goals in the first half. In the second half Kroniz self reflect their weakness and gave TBC a taste of their own medicine. Gnal again poached a goal on the line after TBC keeper managed to palm away Arch try. That goal gave Kroniz the momentum to surge forward and deservedly scored the equalizing goal by Eddy header from Nizam crossed. The game ended with a deserving 3-3. Scorer Gnal (2) Eddy 1

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Two win in a row

30 Oct: Katok field today saw another exciting game for kroniz and this time against Pos Fc. Surprisingly today saw another big attendance for kroniz as 21 players were available for the game. The availability of players made it easier for the manager to strategies selection of players. Kroniz drew first blood with Nafi goal before Pos fc level the game. Dodoi struck another goal for kroniz to lead the first half 2-1. In the second half again the whole squad was changed and this added pressured for Pos Fc. Kroniz continued their robust momentum and scored another two goals through Alinordi and Pg Eddy. The game ended with another big win Kroniz Fc 4 Pos Fc 1. Scorer Nafi, Dodoi, Alinordi and Pg Eddy. Let hope the fairy tale continue next week.

Finally a big win

23 Oct: A day to be remembered for kroniz as they ran riot at Kebajikan Field at the expense of MOFAT Fc. The most notable sign of an exciting game as 20 kroniz players was available for the game. In so many months this is the highest attendance for Kroniz. The selection for players was easy to fill the right position. The first half start slowly as MOFAT scored first and kroniz were behind twice and managed to level the game with two goals by Dodoi. It was a balanced game as it ended 2-2 in the firt half. The second half was a different story as kroniz changed the whole squad and put pressured on MOFAT. Kroniz players with fresh legs ran riot and scored four more goal through Hamdan, Adi Iskandar (2) and Alinordi. The game ended with Kroniz 6 MOFAT 2. Scorer Dodoi (2), Adi Iskandar (2) Hamdan and Alinordi.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Time Crisis

16th Oct: Katok Field saw another disappointing display by kroniz. Limited availability of players made matter worse. Three goals by GGSU Fc in the first half ended the game for kroniz. In the second half a glimmer of hope with well taken free kick just outside the box into the top corner by Gnal fail to lift kroniz out of doldrums. There is no way out for kroniz in this game as GGSU added another goal late in the second half. Time crisis indeed for kroniz as the game ended 1- 4 to GGSU Fc. Scorer Gnal.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Destroyed by Jerudong Fc

9 Oct: It was a game of two worlds at Kebajikan Field on a fine sunday afternoon. In preparation for the coming Brunei National league Jerudong FC professional team came down to show their ability and readiness. The young footballers were made their intention clear when they scored eight goals past kroniz seasoned players four in each half. The only consolation was a goal by Nasrin when kroniz were trailing 2-0 for a brief comeback to make it 2-1. After that it was a one sided affair of no return. The game ended with 1-8 to Jerudong Fc.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Losing to a better team

30th September: It was a tough game at kebajikan field against a well organize PBFC team. Kroniz went into the game with determination against a youthful team. Through out the game kroniz match PBFc ball for ball and able to display and energetic game. The first half it was a balance game and ended with 1-1 with Bob equalizing with a low drive. In the second half Kroniz started to display fatigue and were on the defenses most of the time. PBfc took advantage and scored another two goals. not giving up Kroniz push on and managed to scored another goal with some beautiful passing and Bob clinical finishing. The game ended with Kroniz 2 PBfc 3. Scorer Bob (2)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Great win after Raya

18 September: Six weeks after the raya holidays, Kroniz were pitted with Min com Fc at kebajikan field. The determined Kronizian put up a great fight and barely won the game 3-2 without the services of kroniz juniors. The all veterans kroniz players lead 2-0 during the half time with goals from Aming and Nizam. In the second half Min com fc roared back with 2 quick goals that forced kroniz to reorganised their defence. Under pressured throughout the second half, a quick surprise attacked from Kroniz lead to a goal from Sharol. Leading 3-2 Kroniz packed the defence and held on for the rest of the game. Scorer: Aming, Nizam dan Sharol.    

Game update

29 July: Kebajikan Field, Kroniz 3 vs X Kamal Fc 3
              Scorer: Asri 2, Alinordi 1

Game update

22 July: Katok Field, Kroniz 1 vs Dental fc 4
              Scorer: Dodoi

Monday, 18 July 2011

Worst fear confirmed

16th Julai: Kroniz's worst fear  was confirmed after they threw away twice leading goal against R11, to ensured their own survival battle. 
Kroniz's needed a victory at the PTE katok to stand any chance survival for the long run. 
R11 stormed back after the break winning the game 3-2 and sending the Kroniz winless in four games.
Currently feeling rock-bottom Kroniz, must face up to the reality of life in the keeping the team together in the long run. For the second game in a row only eight players turned up and have to import three players.
Kroniz broke forward early on and after receiving Bob's pass, a makeshift kroniz import player fired a deflected shot towards goal to lead 1-0. 
However, R11 pressurized kroniz defences  R11 striker  turned in the box and blasted into kroniz's goal.
The first half ended 1-1. Rosli has to leave the game and Pg Eddy took the responsibility as the keeper in the second half.
In the second half, Kroniz had shown little going forward, but a minute later they took the lead again after R11 failed to deal with a corner.
In the ensuing scramble, Yazid's shot producing a strike that R11 keeper unable to gathered.
Six minutes after the goal, R11 player then drove one across goal and at the other a player tap it in to pull themselves back into the match.
The equaliser set up a frantic finale, with both sides desperately seeking a winning goal.
R11 defender prevented Yazid from going clean through with a challenge that Kroniz felt was a penalty, but referee waved play on.
The tired legs of kroniz players proved costly with no subsitution R11 had the final say in the 87th minute, cutting into the box and slipping a shot under Pg Eddy for R11 to win the game 2-3. Scorer Yazid and import.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Eight brave souls

3th Julai: Kroniz eight brave souls  ended the game with pride today as Wasabi Fc signed off from Kebajikan Field with an easy win. Only eight players were available for the game but that didn't stop them from displaying their best against the complete set of Wasabi players. 
The deathly silence was briefly broken as  Yazid scored the only kroniz goal as he passed three defenders and smashed home a beautiful goal for kroniz to lead 1-0.
However Wasabi get their act together and scored three goals before the first half whistle was blown.
In the second half with no replacement and players available kroniz braved the afternoon and did their best to held on. Pg Ariffin was kroniz's star player who played the full game although he retired with 10 minutes to go.  
Kroniz was no match for Wasabi 11s s they scored another two goals.
The final whistle was music to the ears as the tired kroniz players walked out of the field with dignity and pride only to lose 1-5. Scorer Yazid.  

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thrilling lost?

24th Jun: Dodoi's goal the 15th minutes  is not enough to break ex Dpmm player momentum as they fought back at a high tempo game at Jerudong mini stadium Friday night game.
Kroniz  were in complete disarray as the Ex Dpmm young and fit players increase the pressure on Kroniz's defence in the last 15 minutes in the first half to scored four goals.
Ex Dpmm were breathtaking as their pace and movement left Kroniz at times bewildered.
Kroniz showed few signs of producing a similarly dogged display in their last game as this time they really fought hard to compete with the Ex Dpmm players.
In the first 30 minutes Kroniz were simply irresistible, Hamdan and Aliuddin dominating in the middle of the pitch to allow Aming, Dodoi and Bob to repeatedly run at the shell-shocked Ex Dpmm defence to create the first goal.
It came as a surprise that the scoreline remained at 1-4 when the half-time whistle handed the Kroniz brief respite.

The worry before kick-off in the second had been that, with limited Kroniz's reserves, the ball would not stick in the final third of the field and that would invite pressure on to Kroniz's back four.
Kroniz did not see it at all in amid a black and yellow blizzard as Kroniz had the game under control for 20 minutes before Ex Dpmm scored another.
Alarm bells started ringing for the Ex Dpmm as Asri  struck from close range with 15 minutes remaining by drilling home a second goal for kroniz.
As the game continues cracks started to appear in the tired Kroniz defence as Ex Dpmm added another goal.
It looked certain to be an agonising remaining minutes for Kroniz but it was a little too much to ask to compete with the experience of Ex Dpmm players.
The final whistle was music to the ears as Kroniz show a thrilling game but ended with a   2 -6 thrashing against Ex Dpmm players. Kroniz scorers Dodoi n Asri.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Catastrophic lost

19th june: Kroniz's thrilling win last week ended in typically rollercoaster fashion at Kebajikan field yesterday as they were defeated after hammaring by GA Fc in the second half.
After the equalizing goal from Bob had threatened to secure a draw, Kroniz were incapable of holding on.
The goal which sunk them was thanks to their own only twisted the knife that little bit deeper, with mistakes after mistakes.
GA Fc added another four before the end but by that time, Kroniz were already condemned.
So much happened before kick-off that the explosion of action immediately after the first whistle was merely maintaining the frenzy.
Kroniz had pledged to attack but even they could not have imagined GA would be tough to crack.
Unfortunately, the magnitude of the opportunity got the better of them.
Kroniz could not clung to the life raft as GA scored four more catastrophic goals.
The final whistle Kroniz 1 GA Fc 5. Scorer Bob.

Monday, 13 June 2011

15th Anniversary brilliant 9-2 win

Dodoi four goals inspired Kroniz to their biggest win of the season against Mariner Fc at Bolkiah Camp Field.
He was not necessarily brilliant but just put himself in the right places to capitalise on some impressive team play by a side brimming with the confidence.
There were positives all over the field with Aliuddin and Nazrin  scoring two goals each while even stopper Yazid, got among the goals with a late brilliant effort.
Nine goals and all this achieved  an injuries to Jamri, Pyan and Aripin to named a few sustained in the game.
Adaptability was the name of the game as kroniz adopted a midfield diamond formation to get the best out of Aripin and Dodoi with Nazrin' attacking intent.
Crucial to making it work, however, were the superb back four at the base lead by Bab.
Roslan lay-off saw the midfielder fire in a swerving shot which the Mariner goalkeeper spilled into the path of Dodoi who made no mistake from close range for his first goal.
Mariner briefly responded, without really threatening, before they were caught by a classic Kroniz counter-attack in the 23rd minute.
Gnal intentionally picked out and flicked on into the path Aliuddin just over the halfway line and he did well to hold off the challenge of defenders for the second. Dodoi added another when he slot home his second.
Kroniz were leading three goals when mariners pulled one back before half time.
Having moved into a comfortable 3-1 lead kroniz immediately reverted to more orthodox 4-4-2 formation to ensure Mariners were afforded no way back with Pg Suffian in a holding position.
Mariner's side provided more of a challenge in the second half but were always chasing the match and their cause became a lost one in the 56th minute when Dodoi scored his third.
Almost unnoticed in all the pass-and-move mayhem kroniz were creating was the performance of the Nazrin who scored the fifth and sixth goals.
Dodoi scored the seventh again when a precise long ball from Gnal, he controlled it and shot home. 
Rosli may not have been at fault for the first but he saved well from mariners strikers in their attacks but he could do nothing to prevent Mariners  getting up to slot home the second through his legs.
Aliuddin was played onside by Roslan, trailing slightly behind his defensive colleagues, and he raced forward and shot home to the far post.
Yazid saved the best goal for last, collecting Bab's 83rd-minute pass and shooting low for the ninth  goals.
The result was a barometer of the confidence of kronizs and lifted the spirits within the camp, as Kroniz celebrated their 15th anniversary.
Final results: Kroniz Fc 9 Mariner Fc 2.  Scorer Dodoi (4), Aliuddin (2) Nazrin (2) and Yazid (1)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kroniz Gala Nite


4th Jun: Kroniz D' orange Band. Theme: "Rock Kapak"

Holiday Lodge Hotel.
Well done for a great show. 
Thanks for all the attending members and all the supports. 
15 years of football 'one ball united us all'. 
To all the winners of Kroniz awards congrats.  

Struggling to win

27th Mei: Kroniz Fc failed to held for  a draw losing to Nona Fc at Katok Feild friday afternoon.
Although Kroniz  ripped apart Nona defences in the first minute of the game with Dodoi running past three defenders and netting for kroniz.
Nona responded with second-half efforts and the visitors had their survival all but secured with a fantastic second-half display.
In the second half Nona were the first to settle and won an early penalty to level the game.
Hamdan then took advantage of some hesitancy by Nona defenders  wasn't alert to the situation and to dealt with his low centre drive to score the second goal for kroniz.
Nona Fc keep pushing forward and the visitors drew level again with a goal into the corner of the net by the Nona's striker.
Kronizs were struggling into the match and were relying too much on the long ball.
And after 79 minutes a superb strike from Nona striker scored a third goal for the visitor to make it 2-3. 
Scorer: Dodoi, Hamdan

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Inconsistence Lost

20hb mei: Kroniz Fc have to shallow their pride losing to Semaun Fc 3-5 at Katok Feild friday afternoon.
Kronizs were ripped apart in the second half half with Semaun Fc netting five goals.
Although kroniz start brightly in the first half with a fantastic display they lead with two goals from Bob and Aliuddin.
They were the first to settle and won an early goal from Bob with a low drive,
Then nasrin took advantage of some hesitancy by semaun defender and kroniz was awarded a penalty which was converted by Aliuddin.
In the second half, Semaun Fc made a strategic tactical changes and made the game difficult for kroniz.
Kroniz were struggling to get  into the match and were relying too much on the long ball.
Semaun Fc went on a rampage and managed to scored five goals with Kroniz losing all the confidence in all department. 
But, with seconds remaining of the game, the Kroniz  did make it 3-5 with a crossed by gnal and Pg Eddy on hand with a low shot after cutting into the area.
Another inconsistence game from Kroniz Fc 3 - Semaun Fc 5 Scorer Bob, Aliuddin and Pg Eddy.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shocker free kick

14th Mei: The decision to keep faith with Metusin to take a free kick from the middle of the field paid off as the midfielder scored the winning goal against MBS at Bolkiah Kem Field last friday afternoon. 
Kronizs showed little sign that the 0-1 defeat by Dental Fc had affected them as they started confidently on a sunny afternoon.
Despite his playing a central defender, Alinordi  open the scoring with a well-taken through ball from Nizam and he breezed past two defenders before slotting the ball into goal. 
MBS pulled one back  when their striker smashed one in off the bar to make it 1-1 just before the break.
Nasrin added the second for Kroniz when he thundered in a loose ball in the penalty area.
Despite an impressive second-half performance by Kronizs, MBS could still find an equaliser.
Metusin free kick shocked MBS and kronizs were made to hold on for the narrow win.
Kronizs have to put in a much more disciplined performance if they are to overhaul MBS, but the win is an important one given that they had failed to win their previous game.
With 80 minutes gone, however, Kroniz shocked MBS with an amazing goal from Metusin free kick who smacked a 50-yard screamer in off the bar.
Kronizs were becoming nervous at their side's failure to find a fourth and MBS striker reminded them of the threat he posed when he fired a 20-yard drive that Rosli did well to tip over.
MBS were looking dangerous and Kronizs looked anxious in the dying minutes to hold on for the win.
Kroniz 3- 2 MBS Scorer: Alinordi,Nasrin and Metusin

Friday, 13 May 2011

Lost to Dental Fc

8th Mei: Kroniz blew the chance for another win after failing to beat Dental Fc 0-1 at Kebajikan Field. 
A second-half goal by Dental Fc frustrated Kroniz and extinguished any ambitions of winning.
Kronizvstarted brightly and causing problems to Dental Fc defences. 
It continued to be one-way traffic in the first half but  kroniz just couldn't find the net.
After so much pressure, Dental Fc then cut Kroniz apart after the break.
Although Kroniz made several change for the second half but all the effort were to no avail.
Dental Fc slowly got themselves back into a rhythm, with a angling a low drive across goal to dispatch a cool finish low into the far corner.
Kroniz closed out the game in unbelievable fashion that they lost the game..

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Kroniz Gala Night

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sensational comeback

1st May: Kroniz produced a dramatic sensational late comeback to beat Dhs Fc in a ten-goal thriller at the new Bolkiah mini stadium today.
Kroniz were dominant in the early stages of the game and took the lead when Asri received a through ball from Roslan in midfield and slot home a clinical finish. Both players returned after a long lay off due to injuries.
The lead doesn't last long when Dhs equalised after a confusion in the kroniz box. 
Kroniz scored the second by Bob when he able to beat Dhs keeper from a distance to the top corner.
After that goal Kroniz defence went into meltdown, gifting Dhs with another two easy goals to lead kroniz 2- 3 going into the second half.
Kroniz were rewarded for going for broke in the second half with eight changes to the team to prevent another defeat. Bob starting the fightback with his second goal in the game to levelled the scores with a superb volley.
Hamdan fed Pg Eddy with a perfect ball into the area which was turned in at the near post with a first-time shot for kroniz to lead again 4-3.
However, as has also been their way recently, Korniz let their opponents back in and are now slipping alarmingly towards another draw with 10 minutes remaining.
To everyone suprised Kroniz roared back in characteristic fashion with goals from Nazrin and Pg Eddy.
Jamri's freekick may have crossed the line after striking the woodwork before Dhs players cleared the ball out of danger.
Kroniz deservedly took the lead as Hadi weaved his way into the area and picked out Nazrin, who confidently swept home from seven yards.
Given what had gone before, Kroniz did not want to take any chances and surged forward to put the match beyond doubt with a sixth.
Kroniz showed some of the determination got another goal after Nazrin shot was blocked by Dhs keeper on the edge of the area but bounced towards goal and Pg Eddy made sure the ball crossed the line. 
The game ended with kroniz win 6-4. Scorers Bob (2), Pg Eddy (2), Nazrin and Asri.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Harsh reality

24th April: Kroniz Fc was defeated by Gannas Fc 0-3 at kebajikan field today. The margin of defeat was harsh on kroniz, who missed several chances of their own.
In what were admittedly a fine day conditions, kroniz flattered to deceive in the first half, dominating the opening 20 minutes without finding the net.
Kroniz plyers looked certain to do so inside those 20 minutes - just as they had done in the last game.
Pg Eddy, Dodoi, Nasrin and Alinordi all went close but Gannas's blanket defence stood firm.
Their attacking threat had been virtually nil but that changed in the 24th minute when Gannas striker managed to beat the offside trap and scored close-range with the keeper beaten.
Kroniz were becoming increasingly sloppy, with a suicidal pass going unpunished and a lack of communication among the players.
Kroniz  lost  Dodoi due to injury moments later and hobbling off and Nasrin carried off the pitch in worryingly innocuous fashion.
With 20 minutes remaining, Korniz lost it all when Gannas scored their second and third goals. Final score: Kroniz Fc 0 Gannas Fc 3

Friday, 15 April 2011

Dramatic fightback

15th April: Hamdan scored a dramatic hat-trick and Alinordi and Fendi add to the icing as Kroniz produced another sensational late comeback to beat Pondok 12 Fc at Kebajikan Field today.
Kroniz appeared certain to open the door for Pondok12 Fc when their defence went into meltdown, gifting the pondok12 a goal in the first half. 
Kroniz were dominant but fell behind in dramatic fashion in the first half  when a cross cleared the entire Kroniz defence to put Pondok12 striker header clean through.
In the second Kroniz threw on Hj Fendi, Metussin and Pg Eddy and moving Hamdan to the midfield position.
Kroniz were rewarded for going for broke in the second half, Hamdan starting the fightback with just 35 minutes remaining with a pwerful shot to the top corner to draw level.
The changes  made an instant impression when Hamdan scored his second with  a powerful low shot. 
Kroniz went for the third when Hamdan complete the most unlikely of hat-trick  in the match as he tap on a cross by Bob.
Hj Fendy scored the fourth when Metusin found him on the edge of the box and Pondok12's defence allowed him to take a touch and fire low in goal.
Kroniz were rampant and were awarded with the fifth when Alinordi found himself unmarked in the penalty box to tap in aclose range goal.
The game ended with Kroniz comfortably saw out their latest fightback with a 5-1 win. Scorers Hamdan (3) Hj Fendi 1 and Alinordi 1

Monday, 11 April 2011

Losing battle

8th April: R11 Fc condemned Kroniz Fc to another defeat of the season at PTEK Field.
Central midfielder Aliuddin fired home from a distance in the 15th minutes after exchanging excellent passes in the early part of the game however after that kroniz struggled to find any real fluency.
R11 started the fightback with two quick goals in the 25th and 28th minutes after two school boys mistake by Kronizs defenders.
Kroniz battled all the way to the whistle in a desperate attempt to rescue the match but R11 were good value for their win. 
Kroniz were buoyed by the knowledge and optimism that for the first time in many games that 15 players were available for selection. 
However Kroniz usually central defenders were not available and the initial solution was to promote Nasrin and Hj Radzi to the role with central defender taking over at the back, although the move patently did not work.
However, Kroniz  dominance in the early part of the game was fleeting and the lead not only evaporated, but was overhauled in the space of three minutes in the first half.
The second half Kroniz were in positive mood and twice within a minute forced saves from R11 keeper, the first of them less than convincing.
The match was becoming increasingly open to leave both defences under pressure, Kroniz refused to throw in the towel, but simply did not have the craft or guile to get themselves back on terms. Kroniz Fc 1 - R11 Fc 2.  Scorer: Aliuddin

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sprited win against UNISA FC

1st April: Midfielder Gnal was Kroniz's unlikely saviour as he curled home a beautiful top corned  winner to ignite his side's survival battle in their friendly games at PTEK field.
The 1980's under 16th Piasau Garden Belait champion player has found the net only once this year but the importance of his latest strike could not be underestimated.
His side appeared to have been frustrated in their bid for victory despite the visitors throwing everything in the latter stages of the second half after Pg Eddy had equalised Unisa fc opener in the 25th minute.
But when the impressive Gnal challanged Unisa defender to rolled the ball back from the byline the midfielder switched it on to his stronger left foot before smashing a curled shot past Unisa goalkeeper.
Whether this latest effort will be enough to keep Kroniz in the top flight against younger opponents remains to be seen but it lifted the sprit of the team.
More importantly, it will boost the confidence for Kroniz keep on fighting before retirement at aged 60.
More often than not Kroniz had no cause for complaint when they took the lead after just 15 minutes.
Matusin's flick-on appeared to catch three Unisa players in a day dreaming position on the edge of the Unisa penalty area, Pg Eddy  reacted quickest to shoot past Unisa keeper for the first goal.
Apart from few' early shot Unisa had not threatened but out of the blue their winger broke free on the left to equalised in the 25th minute.
In the 35 minutes Gnal had the ball in the net after looping a shot over Unisa keeper although he was challenged on the edge of the area for kroniz second goal.
In the 40th minutes, Kroniz was awarded a penalty after Metusin was tackled in the penalty box and Bab gratefully took the responsibility but he could only banished the ball well off target. 
In the first half the game ended 2-1 to Kroniz.
As expected the match opened up after the break, with Unisa pounding at kroniz's defence but they stood their ground.
Both team could killed off the game but to no avail. The game ended with Kroniz FC 2 -UNISA FC 1. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Impetus comeback to draw

27th: Kroniz's challenge for excellent suffered a blow as their late rally was only enough to secure a draw at Kebajikan Field against The Army Engineer Squadron Fc.
AES Fc were 2-0 up just before the hour mark when they capitalised on Kroniz's lack of speed in defense with two quick straight forward goals.
Kroniz staged a comeback with goals in the 70th minute and 78th both from Pg Eddy, but they could not find a winner.
Kroniz were in need of a lift following defeat from last week game, but they made the worst possible start as AES Fc took the lead after only 10 minutes.
AES players was allowed the space to broke forward with their speed and sending in a dangerous delivery that resulted in both goals.  Kroniz's defensive frailties were laid bare with AES young and full of stamina players.
Although AES gain more possession but they were struggling to get a proper foothold and kroniz's showed some threatening signs with a few glaring misses. 
Kroniz should have taken the lead when the ball dropped to Metusin right in front of goal, but the midfielder could only strike it straight into the sky.
Kroniz continued to press, Gnal seeing a cross but his shot come off his legs away from goal.
AES with the availability of thirty players was on rolling  substitution through out the game in an attempt to give their side more attacking impetus.
With two goals behind and no luck in front of goal kronizs seemed to be fading, but a slick move saw them suddenly pull a goal back through Pg Eddy, who played a one-two with Alinordi before turning and rifling a shot beyond AES keeper.
The goal lifted kroniz up and began pouring forward and eight minutes after Pg Eddy's strike they found a leveller, with the pilot again the scorer.
Alinordi looping cross hit the post and AES defence was unable to deal with the rebound before Pg Eddy bundled it over the line.
Kroniz now looked the more likely winner and sent a succession of balls into the AES box, but there was no way through.
Metusin free kick at the death of the game saw his shot inches over the bar as AES hung on for a vital point.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Inevitable lost for Kroniz Fc

18th Mac: Kroniz's  striker Alinordi fired a 85th minute shot to draw the game level but was ruled out by the referee in a frustrating game for Kroniz at PTEK field against Jerudong Senior Fc. 
Pg Eddy, who missed last weekend's game because of work commitment scored two goals for kroniz. 
Its was a frustrating game for kroniz with the unavailable of players for the third time. 
Kroniz were unlucky not to scored in at least 17 clear cut chances but unconvinced display by Kroniz players lead to frustration.
Jerudong Senior took their few opportunity to turned the tide and scored late in the first half with a sweetly-struck goal from the right at a tight angle.
The second half doesn't fair any better for Kroniz, as JS players capitalising on confusion in the kroniz defence to lead 0-2.
Not giving up Pg Eddy reached a lovely ball from Hj fendy  cross just outside the the penalty box who powered his shot from the edge of the area to closed the gap 1-2. 
As Kroniz continued to press forward for the equalizer their effort was shortlived when Kroniz conceded a free-kick just outside the area when Pg Nizam shoved JS player in the back, the JS player blasted the set piece through the wall to the surprised of Jamri and Jul on the goal line for JS to lead 1-3.
After that goal, Kroniz were more incisive in attack and their reward came in the 80th minute through Pg Eddy once more as he saw the ball bounce around the left post allowed him to power home with a header.
A late flurry from Kroniz was futile as an 85th minute goal was judged offside to the protest of kroniz players.
A series of hair-raising moments in the JS area saw Kroniz subdued by some desperate defending by JS player to held on to the win.
The game ended with a lost to kroniz 2-3. Scorer Pg Eddy (2)

Thrilling Encounter vs Starfam Fc

11 Mac: Alinordi scored  hattrick in a thrilling encounter at the Kebajikan Field as Kroniz held on for a priceless victory.
Kroniz were second best for much of the first half as  for the second game only 12 players were available for selection including a few injured players. In also for the second time kroniz only played with 10 player in the beginning of the first half. 
However with determination and smart game plan Kroniz veteran players deservedly took the lead through Roslan only for Starfam Fc to draw level soon after. 10 minutes before half-time Alinordi managed to scored for kroniz to lead 2-1 before half time.
The match really got going in the second half as Starfam Fc drew level again before Arch netted the third for kroniz. Not long after that Starfam scored again to level 3-3. 
And it was certainly the visitors who provided most of the attacking threat with their fit and young players, kroniz defenders and keeper was forced to repel a barrage of balls fired into his box.
Kroniz welcomed back Pyan after five weeks out injured was also handed a rare start, after he returned from holiday in  Australia.
Kroniz continued to press and Alinordi scored another from another terrific delivery by Kroniz midfield, but Starfam fc shocked their opponents by drawing level again to 4-4.
A lovely ball from Roslan found Arch in acres of space down the right and he took the ball to the byline before pulling back and could not miss from three yards for kroniz to lead again 5-4.
Just when kroniz seemed to have taken a stranglehold on the match, Starfam Fc pulled one back, and it could not have been simpler as corner kick picked out the head of the towering Starfam's player to level 5-5.
However, with a "never say die" attitude Kroniz  did manage a sixth in the 81st minute, Alinordi was central to the goal, as the veteran  striker juggled the ball from right to left foot before guiding a shot just inside the far post.

There was no doubt which team was on top now, Starfam Fc pushed hard for an equaliser through five minutes of injury time but this time Kroniz stood firm to hold onto the three points. 
The Game ended 6-5 to Kroniz. Scorers Alinordi (3) Arch (2) Roslan (1)