Monday, 25 September 2006

Kroniz FC rest for Ramadhan

Ahlan Wah Sahlan Ya Ramadhan!!!! Welcome Ramadhan...

So we actually had a few games played before the month of Puasa started. So i am a bit outdated with the score and matches played.. so i will have to get the record from the manager soon.. then everyone can see the results and performance of the team..

maybe i should publish all, including the top scorers and own-goals..

so till i get the results then this website will be updated.. hehheee..


Thursday, 14 September 2006

Two matches report

So since my last post we already had two or three games with the new jerseys. And surprisingly we won all the matches and perhaps the new jersey brought new spirit to the team as a whole.

We had a trial for a new keeper, Eddie or Macy an old friend who takes his time flying in the skies. Unfortunately, he injured himself in the recent game so hopefully he will get fit soon.

The wedding for Hj Ghanin's son, welll we contributed over $150 and was safely turned in by Gnal I think.

Tomorrow we have a friendly against the Lempaki team at JP Padang F.