Saturday, 23 October 2010

KRONIZ goal galore

It was a truly deserved win for KroniZ FC this time around. The opponent was the PADU team from RBAirF and from the looks of their team members it looked like it was going to be another upset loss for KroniZ FC after learning that the visitors are Brunei high sky jumpers.

KroniZ FC saw the reintroduction of several players who have just came back from overseas training notably Matusin and Ji Fendi. Despite the absence of MGM and GM, team Kroniz got off to a wonderful start of leading 2-0 in the first 20 minutes by Dodoi and Aliuddin.  PADU FC managed to score a goal right after the second Kroniz goal and players were wondering whether this was to be another upset to the end. However Kroniz played with determination and score three more goals from  Dodoi, Nasrin (the other anak buah Gnal) and Awang ending the first half 5-1.

In the second half of the game, KroniZ FC made a surprising change of 7 players, a record since the days playing at Jerudong Football Field to keep up the tempo with the high flying opponents. With the mass changes of players there were also mass headache and lead to PUDU scoring two more goals. The second half keeper worked hard with fast saves and help of the upright to keep the goals down. Final score for the spirited new KroniZ FC 5 - 3 PADU FC.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kroniz in crisis - AGM tells it all

Tonight's AGM meeting will decide the future of Kroniz. Since 1995 tonight's AGM is of importance due to the Liverpool-like financial crisis that may also put the team into administration and being sold  although no points are to be deducted. However with due diligent and  "nada sadarkan diri" attitude kroniz's administration and players decided to take matters into their own hand to overcome the obstacle.

To continue the Kroniz legacy the following were put as agenda during the meeting:

- Food for the meeting (main agenda)
- Players list
- New Jersey
- Funding for new season.
- Jamming session
- Others

The meeting didn't start normally as just it was about to start someone talked about taking a bite of the appetising food prepared and it caused a chain reaction with everyone starting to eat and drink... to the delight of everybody, what initially thought to be the last meeting thinking it was curtains for the team, turned out to be a revival with new spirits and hopefully new sponsors. The seriousness of the matter led to a five hours meeting and discussion starting at 8pm and ended at 1am.

The meeting did went on as planned as the following team members were appointed in a secret voting process:

Senior Mentor Manager: K10
Manager: K2
Assistant Manager: K9
Senior Scouting Manager: K18
Treasurer: K25
Assistant Treasurer: K19
Internal Audit Manager: K27
External Corporate Affairs: K27
HzO supplier: K19
Assistant HzO supplier: K23
Medical / Physio overseer: K30
Public Relations / Media relations: K9 and K17
Photographers: K6 and K28
Religious consul: K17
Blogmaster / Web Manager: K18 and K19

Also in discussions were monthly fees for each person, deciding current team members who are legible to continue the legacy and new members, new football jerseys, new internet login, website design.

It was decided that the annual fee is $100.00 per year to be paid every January commencing January 2011.

It was also decided that players will need to pay $40 for the new jersey and another $20 for membership fees for November and December 2010. These payments need to be done after the next pay day (End of October). Kroniz young players will be sponsored by the team until they are able to fend for themselves.

It was also agreed that players are needed to update their details (including car registration number, date of birth, address and contact numbers) through the club's website for future use. K18 will create a link on the website for this purpose.

All appointments are effective as of October 16, 2010.

The meeting ended with a recital of Al-Fatihah and Al-Asr to bless the meeting.

Long live KRONIZ FC

Kroniz self-destruct in the last two games

6hb Oct UBD : Kroniz unable to stop MOF BAG players in agame of inconsistency and strong winds.  in the first half, Kroniz play well with only 9 players in the first quarter of the hour but unfortunately Kroniz failed to sustain their performance and ended trailing 2-0 at the end of the first half.

The second half proved more challenging as KroniZ tried to win back the game but strong winds and unlucky shots on goal managed to hit the goals posts more. Yazid the young striker managed to win back a goal for the Kroniz team and further attempts to win more goals proved unsuccesful..

 Kroniz 1-2 MOF BAG

The recent game was played on the synthethic field of SM SMJA on the night of 11 Oct 2010 against the SMJA team. Initially the team was the stronger team managing to control the game despite the young opponents who seemed hunger for the ball. Alas, it proved that the players were not the culprit of three goals led-in easily but the goalkeeper who seemed just awoke from sleep.

Despite the unfamiliar playing turf and night, Kroniz were determined not to let the scoreline and history has proven that Kroniz can create an upset. Yazid was injured during the game and caused concerned for the team. Hopefully his injuries is not as bad and can still play for Kroniz.  But disaster seemed to stick with Kroniz for this season and further let in two more goals. Hamdan managed to save face by scoring a goal for the team...
Kroniz 1 - 5 SMJA

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Brunei setaraf Nigeria dalam bolasepak

Fifa suspends Nigeria

ZURICH - FIFA suspended the Nigerian Football Federation for government interference on Monday, almost certainly preventing the country from taking part in qualifying for the African Cup of Nations this weekend.
Several developments led to Fifa imposing the suspension, including court actions against elected members of the NFF executive committee, the federation's general secretary stepping down on orders from the government-run National Sports Commission, and the decision of the sports minister to start the Nigerian Premier League without relegation from the previous season.
Fifa rules prohibit government interference with national football governing bodies. Nigeria had been due to play in Guinea in its second qualifier in Group B in the African Cup on Sunday.
Fifa says the suspension will last until 'the duly elected NFF executive committee is able to work without any interference,' meaning none of the country's teams are allowed to take part in any competition 'regional, continental or international.' The NFF's acting general secretary told The Associated Press that Fifa's move 'should not come as a surprise.'
'At least we are now conversant with the expectation of Fifa,' Emmanuel Ikpeme said. 'The only thing that bothers me, like any other Nigerian, is that the action they have taken will affect football in this country.'
Nigeria's federation was threatened with a similar ban in July when the country's president, Goodluck Jonathan, said he would pull the national team out of competition because of its poor showing at the World Cup in South Africa. Mr Jonathan eventually backed down following an ultimatum from Fifa. However, Fifa said at the time it would continue monitoring Nigerian football for possible interference from the government. -- AP

Kita serupa.....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Back with a vengeance

1hb Oct Kebajikan Field: Kroniz produced an inspired performance as they demolished Kg Madang FC to put their push for an end to the Hari raya blues  with a resounding victory. Kroniz' youngsters scored four goals - Dodoi (2), Yazid and Nazrin- and alinordi scored one himself to put the icing on the cake. Kroniz was in unstoppable form with their power and aerial dominance and made it a miserable day for Kg Madang FC. 
Kroniz looked lively and full of positive intent after losing from their previous three matches. But the Kg Madang FC were not to be denied and went ahead after 15 minutes of the game. However Kroniz kept their cool and quickly regained their rhythm and retaliate with five unstoppable goals. With kroniz now in full control all Kg madang FC could do is to hold on the challenge hoping for the final whistle.