Friday, 27 November 2009

RBAirF Destroy Kroniz with Precision Bombing

Kroniz Fc fell to one of their heaviest loss ever in their freindlies today, when they were beaten 0-5 by the Air Force Boys (RBAirF 1st Squadron) at Maktab Duli Soccer Field.

The result sent shock wave in the kroniz camp as they left the field licking their wounds following the defeat.

It was the first time they had lost by such a margin since as far as can be remembered in the series of friendlies, only with DPMM FC had swept them aside with a bigger margins en route to winning the Singapore Cup competition.

Kroniz were handicapped by the absence of a few influential players, some had to pull out of the playing squad with injuries and holidays, but they still boasted plenty of quality and experience in their starting eleven for this match.

But that meant nothing against a highly-motivated RBAirF side, who asserted their authority with some fair but firm play that made it hard for Kroniz to settle down.

RBAirF fired early warnings of their intent and opened the scoring for the on 19 minutes.

RBAirF winger played a diagonal ball from the left, and the flight of the delivery was perfect for their midfielder, who rushed in to beat Kroniz keeper Julaihi with a far-post screamer.

RBAirF followed up with a second goal just two minutes later, and this time it was the another forward who provided the assist.

Latching on a clever through pass from the edge of the penalty area, RBAirF striker pressed hard on kroniz defender Sulaiman before firing a left-footer beyond Julaihi to extend the advantage.

RBAirF were in full swing now, and managed to score another on the 27 minutes when RBAirF midfielder headed his lob pass to the top corner.

The Kroniz did have a chance on goal just before half-time, but a two-fisted save from RBAirF keeper deny Kroniz scoring, meant that a strong second-half performance was the only way they could overturn the three-goal deficit.

The last thing they needed was a forth strike from RBAirF that promptly arrived seven minutes into the second period.

Kroniz last man Sulaiman slipped under pressure on the surface slickened by previous rain, and RBAirF promptly made the most of it with an easy finish past an exposed Julaihi.

Kroniz’s No.1 custodian salvaged a bit of his reputation on 43 minutes when he pulled off a save to deny RBAirF striker.

But RBAirF keep up the pressure and in the corner sequence that followed, cheekily chipped the ball to the right to make it 5-0 with Julaihi stranded.

Kroniz almost made amends five minutes later with a fierce shot from the edge of the penalty area that went agonizingly wide, but on the whole, Kroniz rarely managed to trouble RBAirF.

Instead it could have been 6-0 if not for some heroic defending from Sulaiman, who twice denied RBAirF on the line five minutes from time.

Kroniz's assistance manager Pg Ariffin admitted after the match that his team was outplayed today.

“We just couldn’t settle into the normal rhythm of our game,” he told the blogger.

“They took the initiative from the start, pressed us aggressively and played a high-tempo game. There were moments when we tried to keep the ball in the defending and middle thirds, but once we got to the attacking third, they were fast and strong in their tackles.

“The other thing was that we conceded goals at crucial times in the game as well. The first two goals came very close together and it was almost like a knockout blow; we tried to come back in the second half, but the forth goal gave us a real mountain to climb.”

The 38-year-old pointed out, however, that his charges had made efforts to get back into the game, but were sucker-punched into the emphatic defeat.

“To the credit of the team, it was easy for them to put their heads down when they went three goals down,” he said.

“But they wanted to come back, and they tried to come back. My disappointment with the match is not that the players didn’t try, but that we conceded goals at crucial times, and we just didn’t have an answer to that once they smelt the blood.”

Kroniz had come into this match at Maktab Duli on a high following a good run in their friendlies, where they had managed good results recently despite missing most of their regular starters.

While fatigue was thus not an issue for players like Pg Asmali, Roslan and Awang, the flip side was their lack of match practice leading up to this crucial clash.

But Pg Ariffin refuted the suggestion that the team could have suffered from the loss due to the decision to play so many friendlies in one season more than the premier league.

“I wouldn’t think that players would lose their stamina, because age does not matter in soccer and with the attitude of 'Nada Sadarkan Diri' kroniz can beat any team,” said former national UBD tennis player.

“I think the one thing that could have played on the players’ minds – and even then I doubt it – was the fact that tomorrow is Hari Raya Aidil Adha and most of the players are already on raya moods."

The pressure to deliver is significant at a club whose last taste of success was beating Wasabi FC, and despite his placid exterior and without Kroniz manager Bab, Pg Ariffin Kroniz Assistance manager stressed that he remained focused on that task as he challenged the players to bounce back on the the next game.

“Anger is there in everyone, and I have been an angry man at times before,” he remarked.

“But it has been my philosophy that you always have to look at what to do next, how to resolve a situation to make it better. And we have a situation, because we had a very outstanding start to the season this year, and lately has not been as good.

“We’ve got the players; I was overflowing with excitement during the many friendlies, when I was speaking about the squad we have. A defeat like this will not change that view so drastically, but the challenge is to see how the boys respond for the rest of the season.”

Final Score Kroniz FC 0 RBAirF 1st squadron 5.

Kroniz FC ready to fight Air force One Squadron

Kroniz Fc takes on 1st Squadron Air force in the crucial friendly match at the Maktab Duli Soccer today Friday, 27 Nov.

After last game’s 1-1 draw to the Kronizian at the same pitch, the upcoming game has added significance as the Kronizians try to keep alive their hopes of avoiding another defeat.

The Kronizians seemed to have overcome that shock draw on the last game and are intent on proving the naysayer’s wrong.

A few players is out due injuries but other players looks ready to step into the lime light.

It was an uphill task this season for kronizians struggled to get back their form and fitness as they only managed to find the net less this season than last season.

But it would be foolish to write them off as their performance against the HMFT showed their quality. The second half performance gave the Kronizian purpose and penetration to unsettled the HMFT defense however their finishing let them down.

If Kroniz is to take all three points from today’s game, they need to keep up their penchant for silencing the other team as they did in the previous game. The same sort of fighting spirit that has marked the Kronizian under the stewardship of Bab is needed as the kronizian look to make another milestone.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Kroniz so near yet so far...

K6 and K9 before the game
Players clean and smart before facing the wet sloggy football pitch

22nd Nov Gadong: Today Kroniz FC nearly won the the game against Hj Midon Family Team (HMFT)in a fast pace and hard tackling game at the wet and soggy Maktab Duli PSBS Soccer Field. However the game ended 1-1 with a very late penalty given to HMFT.

After a scoreless first half Kroniz increase the tempo of the game in the second half and manage to take the lead in the 10th minute in the second half score by Alinordi. A nice through pass by ex manager zainal had sent Sapai through to face the HMFT keeper in the tenth minute in the second half, but the striker shot was block by the indecisive HMFT keeper and the ball roll nicely to Alinordi who slot it home easily. After taking the lead, Kroniz were leading all the way until a surprise HMFT equalizer one minute from time through a penalty.

Ironically, Kroniz could easily finish off the game however it was last year top scorer Pg Aki who did not convert the a least five open attempts at goal.

After it had finished 1-1 at the end of 60 minutes no extra time was to be played, so it was already azan magrib time.

Kroniz were suffering from nerves from the start, it seemed, as the HMFT controlled the game from the opening whistle. However through perseverance Kroniz deservedly took the lead through Alinordi, whose strike from Sapai from an acute angle on the right of the area proved too powerful for HMFT keeper.

The ball had been won initially 35 yards out from goal in the middle of the pitch by Pg Aki, who sent away down the right.

Kroniz had relied on fast breaks in the first half to try and gain some toe-hold on the game.

Pg suffian was a lively presence in the first half, so it was a surprise when he came off at half-time, making way for Pg Ariffin.

Arch got in a good cross in the 37th, which was missed by Alinordi in the middle yet still gave Pg Aki a chance to make contact at the far post, which he did, only for HMFT keeper to block the shot with a desperate lunge.

“We felt the pressure in the first half,” explained Kroniz manager when it was all over. “We were unable to reproduce our usual form and since we lost the last game we were a bit too careful.”

It seems that the pressure came from the players themselves rather than the opposition and the occasion got to them.

Kroniz had chances to go further ahead in the second half, but could not take them.

In the 48th minute Pg Aki picked up a good pass from Alinordi, but then put his effort just over the angle of the left upright and crossbar as HMFT breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Arch was denied by the legs of the HMFT keeper in the 50th. HMFT came back, after that, to threaten once more.

HMFT striker cleverly curled a left-footer that swerved, first away from goal and then back towards it, as the ball cannoned off the left post and then away to safety to the delight of reliable Kroniz keeper Pg Zulkarnean.

HMFT push forword dangerously and a volleyed powerfully just wide from well inside the box in the 59th as HMFT looked for a way back into the game.

Kroniz looked set to win by the only goal of the game until a late cross, needlessly given away without midfield cover out wide on the left with only a minute to go, was curled towards goal well received by two HMFT strikers. In the chaos in the penalty box, Kroniz hard working last man Pg Nizam made a desperate tackle and made an unlikely contact with HMFT striker who fell to the ground.

HMFT striker gladly accepted the penalty and it wound up in the roof of the net.

HMFT coach was all smiles when it was over. “We had a game plan and we executed it exactly as I wanted,” he said.

Having gained a reputation for conceding a lot of late goals in their previous matches, kroniz proved far more disciplined and better organised in this match to frustrate HMFT.

Kroniz did look a little tired towards the end so they were spared, very willingly, to settle the with the outcome, given their apparent fatigue.

One worthwhile thing about the game was the genuine sportsmanship displayed by both sides, with referee issuing only one caution all match.

“Next game, we’d like to do even better,” promised one of Kroniz player.

KRONIZ 1-1 Hj Midon Family

Sekian pemblogger kroniz...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Kroniz tersungkur di padang becak

19hb Gadong: Pada hari khamis yang lepas di padang MD kroniz di pertemukan dengan pasukan MBS United. Hujun yang turun sejak pagi telah mengakibatkan padang MD becak dan perlawnan diadakan di dalam lumpur. Kehadiran pemain-pemain kroniz juga mengecewakan kerana perlawanan di langsungkan dengan sembilan orang pemain sahaja. Pasukan MBS united yang rata-rata pemain-pemain nya separuh umur pemain kroniz begitu pantas menggunakan kesempatan dan mengasak kubu kroniz bertali arus. Dengan kuderat yang ada dan tulang empat kerat pemain-pemain cuba bertahan dengan sedaya upaya. Kepantasan larian pemain pemain MBS gagal dihalang namun semangat yang tidak sedarkan diri kroniz dapat menyaing kehebatan pemain MBS.

Namun, walaupun berbagai usaha dilakukan dengan semangat yang ada, akhirnya kroniz lemas juga dalam lumpur apabila salah satu hantaran lintang MBS gagal dikawal oleh kroniz menyebabkan terhasilnya satu gol oleh MBS. Gol tersebut tidak melemahkan kroniz namun sedaya upaya mengawal perlawanan. Di separuh masa kedua dengan kecukupan pemain kroniz cuba bangkit danterus mengasak ke kubu MBS. Namun keadaan padang yang becak telah menghalang kroniz dari membuat hantaran dan larian yang tepat arah sasaran. Penolong pengurus Aripin yang bemain dengan cemerlang sepenuh masa dan temuntah-muntah ditengah padang tetap meneruskan perlawanan sehingga ke wisel penamat kerana tidak ada penganti. keputusan perlawanan kroniz 0 MBS United 1 Tabik hormat patut diberikan kepada pemain-kroniz kerana semangat yang tidak sedarkan diri. Sekian

Inilah ekspresi wajah k18yg keletihan setelah berhempas pulas bermain sepenuh masa sehinggakan beliau hampir mengalami kekajangan otot. However Bravo! he deserved to have Nasi kari ayam + Limau kapas jus and ABC after game.

Congrats!! jua kpd kronizian yg bermain ptg atu kerana menunjukan semangat juang yang tinggi dan sejati.
P/s: kalau kepisan tanggung sendiri!!. K18, Ada ku ngambar kau kan ptg atu ?..

Friday, 13 November 2009

2 - 0
15hb Nov Gadong: Sekali lagi kroniz turun ke padang dipertemukan dengan pasukan wasabi. Perlawnan kedua-dua pasukan ini bagaikan sate dengan kuahnya. Perlawanan kali ini yang diadakan di padang MD berlainan sedikit kerana kroniz turun dengan konfidentnya, (Sila lihat gambar) mugkin disebabkan kerana sudah sering dipertemukan dengan wasabi. Perlawanan petang itu tidak kurang hebatnya kerana kedua-dua pasukan sering serang menyerang. Kroniz bermain dengan cemerlang dan berdisiplin telah dapat meresap semua serangan-serangan yang dilakukan oleh Wasabi. Gol pertama kroniz dijaringkan oleh Sulai hasil tendangan sudut Ali nordi. Pada separuh masa pertama kroniz mendahului 1-0.

Di separuh masa kedua Wasabi cuba bangkit dengan pedasnya tetapi dengan kematangan pemain kroniz mereka dapat menahan pedas yng diberikan. Walaupun Wasabi mengasak ke kubu kroniz penjaga gol kroniz bermain dengan cemerlang menghalang setiap percubaan gol. Dalam kelekaan Wasabi menyerang kroniz mendapat peluang membuat serangan hendap dan pantas seperti kilat di sebelah kiri pada larian alinordi dan menbuat hantaran ke belakang kepada aliuddin yang terus membuat percubaan jarak jauh sehingga mencecah jaring menewaskan penjaga gol wasabi. Gol tersebut telah melegakan kroniz yang kini hanya perlu bertahan sehingga azan berkumandang. Di akhir perlawanan kroniz 2 - Wasabi 0. Sekian

Kroniz berduyun-duyun menghadiri perlawanan.
Satu daripada aktibiti amalan sesat yang sering di amalkan
oleh pemain2 kroniz sebelum perlawanan.
K28 dengan skill terbaru beliau.

K6 in action!

K14 terkidum puas setelah menjaringkan goal kedua yg cantik sehingga beliau lupa memakai baju.

Photo By: K30

Some aging faces of Kronizian but "liver" never aging!!!

Kroniz Vs Wasabi

Perlawanan kroniz dgn wasabi bukan lah asing lagi. Mereka sering berentap di beberapa buah padang sejak kebelakangan ini. Pada perlawanan kali ini saya belum tahu apa nak diceritakan kerana saya ter awal mempost berita d blog kali ini. Biasanya berita terlambat post kali ini terawal pula jadi belum ada keputusan untuk dimuatkan...aster nada keraja

Thursday, 12 November 2009

KroniZ Lwn JPK

Sabtu - 7hb November 2009

Pada perlawanan kali ini, Kroniz telah bertandang ke padang Sekolah Menengah PAP Hjh Masna di Kg Lambak Kanan untuk merasai kebagusan padang tersebut yang mana Kroniz mungkin akan kerap bermain di sana. Ternyata padang tersebut bukan sehebat padang di Mini Stadium JP atau Padang Polis tetapi boleh dikatakan lebih baik dari padang-padang yang pernah team KroniZ kecapi...

Berbalik ke kisah perlawanan, team Kroniz sekali lagi bertemu dengan team yang tidak asing lagi dengan kitani iaitu team Jbt Kuriculum yang juga terdiri dari ahli team Kroniz jua.. Pemain-pemain JPK ini mempunyai kaki-kaki yang sebanding dengan pemain kroniz jua dan tidak hairanlah perlawanan kali ini bolehlah dikatakan seimbang.

Perlawanan dimulakan dengan kekurangan pemain-pemain di kedua-dua pihak. Mungkin ada yang sesat oleh sebab mencari di mana padang sekolah tersebut memandangkan sekolah tersebut adalah sekolah perempuan...

Dipendekan cerita, team kroniz mendahului pihak lawan dengan tandukan yang boleh dikatakan tajam oleh K13 yang juga terperanjat dengan peluang menanduk itu... semuanya hasil dari sepakan sudut yang berbiasanya on target....

Keadaan padang juga memaksa kedua-dua pihak untuk bermain lebih titih dan lutanan untuk menjaringkan gol kemenangan... akhirnya pengalaman dan usaha Kroniz berhasil mendapatkan gol kedua melalui sepakan lintang K13 lagi...

Pihak lawan tidak balik dengan hampa apabila mendapat jaringan saguhati ihsan Team Kroniz sebagai mengenangkan persahabatan team lawan selama ini...

Gambar tidak dapat dimuatkan pada kali ini oleh sebab jurugambar-jurugambar beraksi dan juga lupa membawa kamera... sekian sahaja dilaporkan.. maju sukan untuk negara

Keputusan akhir KroniZ FC 2- 1 JPK

Friday, 6 November 2009

Kroniz gagal Post kan berita menarik

Jumaat 31 Oktober, Kroniz sekali lagi bertandang ke padang maktab Duli untuk melayani pasukan dari Pejabat Post Brunei. Kehadiran teknologi canggih dalam dunia era digital telah mengurangkan masa bagi kakitangan dan pegawai-pegawai pos menghantar surat-surat kerana kebanyakan orang mengunakan email. Maklumlah masyarakat sekarang lahir sebagai Digital Native. Oleh kerana ada masa yang terluang ini membolehkan mereka berlatih dan ini begitu ketara sekali apabila pemain-pemain dari pasukan Pos ini kelihatan langsing-langsing belaka dibandingkan dengan pemain kroniz. Namun besar kecil bukan lah dijadikan sebagai sukat-sukat namun pengalaman kroniz telah membawa mereka untuk mendahului perlawanan. Permainan yang begitu seimbang kadangkala di ganggu oleh keadaan padang yang becak. Apa-apa pun perlawanan hari itu berkesudahan 2 - 2. Yang menjadi masalah nya apda perlawanan kali ini ialah saya tidak ingat siapa yang menjaringkan. Ini kemungkinan fokus kami lebih tertumpu kepada 3 orang pelari pecut yang berkeliaran di luar padang menunjukan kepantasan berlari mereka.

Update : 2 Jaringan kroniz di jaringkan oleh Pehin dan Gnoh.