Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thrilling lost?

24th Jun: Dodoi's goal the 15th minutes  is not enough to break ex Dpmm player momentum as they fought back at a high tempo game at Jerudong mini stadium Friday night game.
Kroniz  were in complete disarray as the Ex Dpmm young and fit players increase the pressure on Kroniz's defence in the last 15 minutes in the first half to scored four goals.
Ex Dpmm were breathtaking as their pace and movement left Kroniz at times bewildered.
Kroniz showed few signs of producing a similarly dogged display in their last game as this time they really fought hard to compete with the Ex Dpmm players.
In the first 30 minutes Kroniz were simply irresistible, Hamdan and Aliuddin dominating in the middle of the pitch to allow Aming, Dodoi and Bob to repeatedly run at the shell-shocked Ex Dpmm defence to create the first goal.
It came as a surprise that the scoreline remained at 1-4 when the half-time whistle handed the Kroniz brief respite.

The worry before kick-off in the second had been that, with limited Kroniz's reserves, the ball would not stick in the final third of the field and that would invite pressure on to Kroniz's back four.
Kroniz did not see it at all in amid a black and yellow blizzard as Kroniz had the game under control for 20 minutes before Ex Dpmm scored another.
Alarm bells started ringing for the Ex Dpmm as Asri  struck from close range with 15 minutes remaining by drilling home a second goal for kroniz.
As the game continues cracks started to appear in the tired Kroniz defence as Ex Dpmm added another goal.
It looked certain to be an agonising remaining minutes for Kroniz but it was a little too much to ask to compete with the experience of Ex Dpmm players.
The final whistle was music to the ears as Kroniz show a thrilling game but ended with a   2 -6 thrashing against Ex Dpmm players. Kroniz scorers Dodoi n Asri.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Catastrophic lost

19th june: Kroniz's thrilling win last week ended in typically rollercoaster fashion at Kebajikan field yesterday as they were defeated after hammaring by GA Fc in the second half.
After the equalizing goal from Bob had threatened to secure a draw, Kroniz were incapable of holding on.
The goal which sunk them was thanks to their own only twisted the knife that little bit deeper, with mistakes after mistakes.
GA Fc added another four before the end but by that time, Kroniz were already condemned.
So much happened before kick-off that the explosion of action immediately after the first whistle was merely maintaining the frenzy.
Kroniz had pledged to attack but even they could not have imagined GA would be tough to crack.
Unfortunately, the magnitude of the opportunity got the better of them.
Kroniz could not clung to the life raft as GA scored four more catastrophic goals.
The final whistle Kroniz 1 GA Fc 5. Scorer Bob.

Monday, 13 June 2011

15th Anniversary brilliant 9-2 win

Dodoi four goals inspired Kroniz to their biggest win of the season against Mariner Fc at Bolkiah Camp Field.
He was not necessarily brilliant but just put himself in the right places to capitalise on some impressive team play by a side brimming with the confidence.
There were positives all over the field with Aliuddin and Nazrin  scoring two goals each while even stopper Yazid, got among the goals with a late brilliant effort.
Nine goals and all this achieved  an injuries to Jamri, Pyan and Aripin to named a few sustained in the game.
Adaptability was the name of the game as kroniz adopted a midfield diamond formation to get the best out of Aripin and Dodoi with Nazrin' attacking intent.
Crucial to making it work, however, were the superb back four at the base lead by Bab.
Roslan lay-off saw the midfielder fire in a swerving shot which the Mariner goalkeeper spilled into the path of Dodoi who made no mistake from close range for his first goal.
Mariner briefly responded, without really threatening, before they were caught by a classic Kroniz counter-attack in the 23rd minute.
Gnal intentionally picked out and flicked on into the path Aliuddin just over the halfway line and he did well to hold off the challenge of defenders for the second. Dodoi added another when he slot home his second.
Kroniz were leading three goals when mariners pulled one back before half time.
Having moved into a comfortable 3-1 lead kroniz immediately reverted to more orthodox 4-4-2 formation to ensure Mariners were afforded no way back with Pg Suffian in a holding position.
Mariner's side provided more of a challenge in the second half but were always chasing the match and their cause became a lost one in the 56th minute when Dodoi scored his third.
Almost unnoticed in all the pass-and-move mayhem kroniz were creating was the performance of the Nazrin who scored the fifth and sixth goals.
Dodoi scored the seventh again when a precise long ball from Gnal, he controlled it and shot home. 
Rosli may not have been at fault for the first but he saved well from mariners strikers in their attacks but he could do nothing to prevent Mariners  getting up to slot home the second through his legs.
Aliuddin was played onside by Roslan, trailing slightly behind his defensive colleagues, and he raced forward and shot home to the far post.
Yazid saved the best goal for last, collecting Bab's 83rd-minute pass and shooting low for the ninth  goals.
The result was a barometer of the confidence of kronizs and lifted the spirits within the camp, as Kroniz celebrated their 15th anniversary.
Final results: Kroniz Fc 9 Mariner Fc 2.  Scorer Dodoi (4), Aliuddin (2) Nazrin (2) and Yazid (1)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Kroniz Gala Nite


4th Jun: Kroniz D' orange Band. Theme: "Rock Kapak"

Holiday Lodge Hotel.
Well done for a great show. 
Thanks for all the attending members and all the supports. 
15 years of football 'one ball united us all'. 
To all the winners of Kroniz awards congrats.  

Struggling to win

27th Mei: Kroniz Fc failed to held for  a draw losing to Nona Fc at Katok Feild friday afternoon.
Although Kroniz  ripped apart Nona defences in the first minute of the game with Dodoi running past three defenders and netting for kroniz.
Nona responded with second-half efforts and the visitors had their survival all but secured with a fantastic second-half display.
In the second half Nona were the first to settle and won an early penalty to level the game.
Hamdan then took advantage of some hesitancy by Nona defenders  wasn't alert to the situation and to dealt with his low centre drive to score the second goal for kroniz.
Nona Fc keep pushing forward and the visitors drew level again with a goal into the corner of the net by the Nona's striker.
Kronizs were struggling into the match and were relying too much on the long ball.
And after 79 minutes a superb strike from Nona striker scored a third goal for the visitor to make it 2-3. 
Scorer: Dodoi, Hamdan